Polish Association of Engineers and Technicians of Transportation Department in Cracow

Section of Transport Cracow University of Technology

Department of Transportation Systems Cracow University of Technology


The 8th International and Technical Conference



Cracow University of Technology, Conference and Exhibition
24 Warszawska St., Krakow
16th – 17th November 2015

JM Rector of Cracow University of Technology,
Professor Kazimierz FURTAK

President of the Polish Association of Engineers and Technicians of Transportation,
Professor Janusz DYDUCH




dr hab. inż. Andrzej SZARATA, prof. PK – Politechnika Krakowska

Scientific Secretary

dr inż. Tomasz KULPA – Politechnika Krakowska


prof. dr hab. inż. Jacek KRAWIEC – Politechnika Śląska

dr hab. inż. Wiesław STAROWICZ, prof. Politechniki Krakowskiej

dr hab. inż. Lidia ŻAKOWSKA – prof. Politechniki Krakowskiej

dr hab. inż. Kazimierz JAMROZ – Politechnika Gdańska

dr inż. Janusz BOHATKIEWICZ – EKKOM, Kraków

dr inż. Mariusz DUDEK – Politechnika Krakowska

dr inż. Tomasz DYBICZ – Politechnika Warszawska

dr inż. Andrzej KRYCH – Politechnika Poznańska

dr inż. Waldemar PARKITNY – Politechnika Krakowska

dr Sjoerd STIENSTRA – Stieverk, Holandia

mgr inż. Jan FRIEDBERG – konsultant


The aim of the Conference is exchange of knowledge and experience in functional, legal, economic and organisational issues related to parking systems, in particular:

  • Modern parking management systems
  • Parking guidance and information systems
  • Technical aspects of car parks
  • Multilevel car parks (including underground car parks)  – location, technical and organisational issues
  • Geometry and traffic organisation schemes of car parks
  • Influence of large-space car parks on neighbourhood street network
  • Methods of car parks trip generation estimation
  • Parking standards
  • Legal considerations of parking systems
  • Evaluation of paid parking zones functioning
  • Effectiveness and organisation of parking charge collection
  • National and international experiences with Park & Ride systems


Abstract should be sent via on-line form Coffee (  or in text file on the email address of  Msc. Urszula Dudy ( up to 21.06.2015r. Requirements: Number of characters for the title: 100, the number of words for abstract: 300.

Full paper requirements:

  • The paper should be written in Word; font Times New Roman 12 pt, single interline, to begin a paragraph: use a single "Tab", not spaces.
  • Do not use more than one space between words.
  • Illustrations should be sent as separate files: * .tif, * .pdf or * .jpg (min 300dpi); in the appropriate places in the paper the proper figure caption should be included.
    Mathematical formulas preferably performed in the "MathType".
  • All content  must meet the copyright law requirements (The author sign the proper statement).
  • All figures, photographs, and tables should be numbered and written down.
    drawings, graphs, and tables should be prepared in black and white.
  • Authors are requested to insert in the paper: scientific degrees and titles, affiliation (workplace), mailing address, phone, e-mail addresses.
  • In case of the paper with more than one author, the percentage contribution of each author must be specified (in the footnote).
  • The full text should not exceed 16 pages, including tables, photographs and drawings.
  • The paper should contain the summary and key words (minimum three) – in the first part of the paper.
  • The paper should contain in English: the title of the article, abstract and keywords – in the last part of the paper.
  • Articles cannot contain the commercial elements.
  • Files can be compressed using ZIP or RAR

Full papers should be sent via on-line form Coffee (  or on the email address of  Msc. Urszula Duda ( up to 21.06.2015r.

Papers prepared for oral presentation at the conference, after review, will be published in Research and Technical Papers published by SITK Poland, Department in Krakow to deliver to the participants at the opening day of the conference. Each publication in the Research and Technical Papers published by SITK Poland, Department in Krakow (series: Conference Proceedings) in accordance with current list of scientific journals published by the Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education on 31 December 2014 (Part B) has 4 points.

Atachmetn: Parking Conference 2015 – Template, Parking Conference 2015 – Template (Word)

application of abstracts and conference participation (for authors)

21.06.2015 r.

notification of  abstract acceptance

30.06.2015 r.

submission of full papers

15.09.2015 r.

post review of full papers and submission of final papers

15.10.2015 r.

registration of participants

06.11.2015 r.

payment for the Conference

06.11.2015 r.

Any delay in relation to the deadlines should be agreed
  with the organisers.


The conference fee is 970 zł + VAT 23% (per one person).

The conference fee includes:

  • participation in the conference (Simultaneous translation will be available)
  • board (coffee breaks, lunch on 16th and 17th November  together with gala dinner on 16th November)
  • conference proceedings and materials containing a set of technical papers
  • Guided walking tour around Krakow.


Organisers pre-booked the accomodation in  Hotel Ibis Krakow Stare Miasto, Pawia St. 15 and Hotel Ibis Budget Krakow Stare Miasto,  Pawia St. 11. Participants should make a reservation on their own. In listed hotels participants can gain discount on password "Parking conference". Hotels

Negotiations are possible for three or more participants from the same institution (5-10%)


  1. Application form should be sent following to the instructions on the website: (Zgloszenia Notification???)  
  2. Payment: 970 PLN + VAT 23% per person up to 31st October 2015. (IBAN: PL 43 1240 4722 1111 0000 4859 0666 SWIFT: PKOPPLPW )

Price-list of presentations, advertising, and exhibitions on the conference: „Parking Policy in Cities”

Types of Company’s presentation:

  • exhibition stands,
  • promotional presentation,
  • advertising and commercial offers in conference proceedings,

Application form:

Companies interested in participation in commercial part of the conference are requested to complete and to send Application Form for commerce up to 3 weeks before the conference.

Price (net)

roll-up in the boardroom

500,00 zł

1 m2 of exibition space in the conference building

250,00 zł

1 minute of promotional presentation

110,00 zł

1 minute of  promotional video

110,00 zł

1 pages of B5 advertising or commercial offer  in conference proceedings (Research and Technical Papers):

  • Black and white

400,00 zł

  • Colour

800,00 zł

  • Advertising on the cover

For negotiations

Advertising materials for participants

500,00 zł


by agreement

To the prices above VAT (23%) needs to be added

Companies, whose payment from the commercial part will be in total more than 2500,00 PLN (net) are considered to be an official sponsors of the conference. Gold sponsor is a company, whose total payment of the commercial part is over 8000.00 PLN (net). For Gold Sponsor of the conference is the presentation in the first day of the conference guaranteed. Advertising of the Company will be additionally posted free of charge in the next published Research and Technical Papers. List of gold sponsors will be included for one year from the conference date in every  Research and Technical Papers (published by the SITK Poland, department in Krakow).

Individual negotiations are possible.

Confirmation of participation:

  • After receiving an application form, organizers will contact to the company in order to confirm the scope of participation and prepare the tax invoice.


SITK RP, Department in Krakow, 11 Siostrzana Str., 30-804 Krakow
Urszula Duda: tel. +48 12 628 21 78, e-mail:



mgr inż. Andrzej KOLLBEK – Wiceprezes SITK O/Kraków


mgr Janina MROWIŃSKA – SITK O/Kraków


dr inż. Aleksandra CIASTOŃ-CIULKIN – Politechnika Krakowska

mgr inż. Urszula DUDA – Politechnika Krakowska

mgr inż. Sabina PUŁAWSKA – Politechnika Krakowska

mgr inż. Beata TOPORSKA – SITK O/Kraków

Krystian BANET – Koło Naukowe Systemów Komunikacyjnych PK

Anna BUJAK – SITK O/Kraków

Sylwia ROGALA – Koło Naukowe Systemów Komunikacyjnych PK

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