Railway transport 

The appraisal activity of the SITK RP Branch in Krakow includes, among others: the following ranges:

  • valuations of estimated market (fair) values of rail vehicles such as powered rail vehicles, non-powered rail vehicles, auxiliary vehicles, track machines, trams;
  • opinions and expert opinions on the operation and repair of rail vehicles;
  • assessment of the technical condition of rail vehicles and their components;
  • managing projects related to the modernization of rail vehicles;
  • development of technical documentation, including the documentation of the railway vehicle maintenance system;
  • elaboration of Work Regulations for Railway Sidings;
  • preparation of appraisal reports for the valuation of fixed assets;
  • preparation of a feasibility study for tasks related to the renovation of infrastructure;
  • development of pre-design documentation for railway line modernization works;
  • technical inspection and issuing Certificates of technical efficiency of railway vehicles;
  • developing analyzes of the service market and transport needs;
  • development of socio-economic forecasts in the field of transport services;
  • development of traffic and transport forecasts in the field of freight and passenger transport.
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