TMiR – JANUARY 2023 

Jakub Starczewski

Selected issues of shaping the cargo distribution system with the use of cargo bikes inside the urban agglomeration

Abstract: The article addresses the issue of improving the efficiency of cargo delivery in historic centers of large cities and agglomerations, using cargo bicycles. It is a description of selected issues falling within the scope of the author’s doctoral dissertation. The article presents a mathematical model of the delivery system, within which the following elements have been identified: the criterion for evaluating the system’s effectiveness, the model of demand for cargo delivery, the methods of vehicle routing and the methods of selecting the location of reloading points. All elements are characterized in later parts of the text.
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Robert Tomanek

Instruments to decarbonize urban mobility

Abstract: Decarbonization is one of the trends in balancing urban mobility. It is about reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Decarbonization has a positive effect on climate protection, but also improves the quality of life in cities. Continue reading

TMIR – August 2022 

Hubert Kołodziejski, Olgierd Wyszomirski

30 years of operation of the Municipal Transport Authority in Gdynia

Abstract: The Municipal Transport Authority in Gdynia (ZKM) has been organizing public transport services in part of the Gdańsk Bay Metropolis for 30 years. The separation of the organizational activity from the transport activity allowed for the introduction of competition in transport services to Gdynia’s public transport.
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