(Polski) TMIR – STYCZEŃ 2023

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TMiR – November / December 2022 

TMiR – October 2022 

Tomasz Kula

The analysis of the Polish railway market and image of rail passenger carriers

Abstract: The article focuses on the analysis of the Polish passenger rail market in the reality after the reform of the PKP (Polish State Railways) and the establishment of separate passenger rail companies. A review of the existing and competing railroad companies in the market and their marketing activities is made. Internal competitiveness in the Polish passenger transport market is presented. Continue reading


Robert Tomanek

Instruments to decarbonize urban mobility

Abstract: Decarbonization is one of the trends in balancing urban mobility. It is about reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Decarbonization has a positive effect on climate protection, but also improves the quality of life in cities. Continue reading

(Polski) TMIR – Lipiec/Sierpień 2021

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